Saturday, October 29, 2011

references for matte painters

1. Borderlands - few things worth mentioning about this one. The mountains furthest away lose all details due to atmosphere leaving nothing but a strong silhouette. Note the shape of the horizon line.

2. Team Fortress 2 - This is more about shape and inner details. Note the variations in diffuse color and value in the layers of rocks.

3. Brush strokes are visible in the textures.
Color variation here is pretty nice too.

4. Borderlands - The pencil line stroke around the edges of the rocks are also important. Hatchmarks on the rocks on the right side are particularly sexy... (ive never said that about a sediment before)

5. Interesting. Shapes.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More (real life) references

This reference is a bit special to me. A friend told me once that the Kid Bunny looked like
an icecream cone melted on his head. There is a reason for that.

These are my cats Ivy and Israel.
Israel has an irregular black and white fur all over his body. Im not too sure if that is common among American shorthairs. He is also a pretty big jackass. Im not too sure if thats common to the breed either. None the less he really looks like a tiny cow from far away.

Bunny Israel has the same pattern on his face. He also occasionally gets made fun of for looking like a space cow with big floppy ears. Bunny younglings can be so mean sometimes....

Monday, October 3, 2011


Ive recently aquired the services of a amazing composer, musician and homie, Nick Virzi.
We grew up together in the same 'hood and went the same schools, elementary thru high. And we did a fair share of trashing a mutual friend's basement back in the days.

Currently, he works on commercials and film scores.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

musical inspiration / refs

I know its a bit early but its never too late to think about these things.

When i first came up with the concept i had a couple of shows and games in mind.
Mass effect (space aesthetics), Borderlands (art style), Cat shit one (cute animals), Firefly (feel and music), Battlestar Galactica (camera work).

The theme song from Serenity opening sequence encompasses the broad cultural influences in the Firefly universe.

Our bunny hero lives in a poor mining colony in the fringes of the discovered galaxy. The folky fiddling music sets the tone for the world that our character lives in.

I definitely need string instruments.