Sunday, July 24, 2011

hell hath no furries...

"hey dude are these guys gonna have FUR?!!?!"

"Yes, and not in the traditional sense, but they are painted."

This is where people give me funny looks and silently think that im crazy.
People already think im crazy anyway so.... I might as well explain how its done.

This is how Israel the bunny looks with my hand painted textures in Mudbox. Cute, but the fur is sucky and can be better.

This is where I gut and flatten his body into his flat UV space in mudbox.

Mudbox allows you to export this flat geo as an OBJ...

Then i import the obj into maya then set up a camera looking straight down on the flat geo. Then the shave and a haircut plug-in is applied to the face.

Just like that. (after about an hour of playing around with the settings.)
Then i render the fur in a 4k square at 16bits so i can edit the results in photoshop.

Here is the render result with a bit of value adjustment to make it white.

Lookin good.

That good looking fur gets this old texture multiplied on top...

Here is the final preview of the texture in mudbox. Much better. :D

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